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Breast Augmentation: Enhance your Natural Beauty


Today, breast augmentation is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery operation in the U.S. At Bozeman Health Cosmetic Surgery, we find there are many reasons women choose to have their breasts augmented. Consider breast augmentation:

  • If you want a better proportioned or more appealing figure
  • If pregnancy, weight loss or aging has affected the size and shape of your breasts
  • To restore symmetry (i.e., if one of your breasts is a different size than the other)
  • To replace older implants

We offer two options for breast augmentation: TUBA with saline implants or Transaxillary with gel implants. We encourage our patients to do their own research and we'll work with you to help you determine the best option to achieve the look you want for your body.

TUBA with Saline Implants

Trans-umbilical breast augmentation or TUBA, allows saline implants to be placed through the navel with precision using an endoscope. The procedure is done entirely subcutaneously (or just under the skin), so it does not involve the abdominal organs or muscles. Highly trained cosmetic surgeon Hugh Hetherington, MD, has completed specialized training in this procedure and is the only physician in Montana who performs this procedure.

Most women appreciate that the TUBA surgery is less invasive than typical breast augmentation so there’s less breast trauma and risk of injury to breast tissue. Because it’s less invasive, it means a faster recovery time -- something our patients truly appreciate.

There are misconceptions about the TUBA procedure. You may see references to the surgeon not being able to position implants properly, but that's simply not true. Because the surgeon sees the exact shape of the breast and position of the implant during the expansion phase, there is no guesswork involved in implant positioning. You see exactly what you are going to get.

There are many benefits to each procedure, and the staff and I provide one-on-one consultations to help the patient determine which option is the best for them.

~Dr. Hugh Hetherington

TRANSAXILLARY with Gel Implants

Another option is Transaxillary breast augmentation with gel implants. It too allows for minimal scarring since the incision site hidden within the armpit resulting in natural looking breasts. Many patients prefer the armpit incision because it avoids scars on the breast and avoids cutting through the breast tissue when placing the breast implants underneath the muscle. The incision is small, about 1 inch, and well hidden in the depth of the armpit. Once the armpit incision heals, it is barely noticeable. With the transaxillary endoscopic breast approach, the breast implants can be placed below or above the chest (also known as the pectoralis) muscle with great precision.


During your initial consultation, you will be asked about your goals and wishes for breast augmentation or breast enlargement. Your current concerns about your breast appearance are discussed as well as the improvements you are seeking. We'll also discuss the choice of breast implant filler, shape, size and placement will be determined according to body type, breast size and shape and your esthetic objectives.