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Tattoo Removal

The Fotana Q-Switchd laser is one of the most effective tattoo removal lasers available. It is ideal for effectively removing complex and multi-colored tattoos. Our laser is uniquely able to product very short pulses of intese light that pass harmlessly through the top layers of skin to be selectively absorbed by treatment-specific pigments. It will shatter the ink so that your own body can absorb and remove the in particles. It can also be used with the Merz Describe PFD patch. The PFD patch allows us to make multiple passes over the tattoo in a single treatment, resulting in less treatments and faster results.

Dornier Laser

Rid yourself of spider veins and red spots on the face and/or body. Laser treatment for veins is very focused, targeting specific veins or capillaries. There is minimal discomfort with this simple procedure. Not suitable for varicose veins.

Laser Hair Reduction

The Lumenis LightSheer Duet is one of the very best hair reduction lasers on the market. It is capable of reducing hair growth up to 90% or higher, when patients follow the recommended protocols. It is a more permanent solution than waxing or shaving, and when following manufacture and clinic protocols, can last up to a lifetime of smooth, hair-free skin. Six treatments per area, received 4-6 weeks apart is the recommended treatment protocol.
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